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Inmate #N508853

Author of all text in this journal. Originally from __________, ________, but currently (and briefly) resides in _________. Just released from jail, N508853 enjoys spending time with his wife and kids as well as cooking, camping, kayaking, and freelance web design. He is currently trying to publish The Jailbird Journal.


A co-worker of mine, Bushman supported me with the journal idea from the time I started designing the navigation buttons. After I lost work release, I gave him the site files and the codes to use them. Using the U.S. Postal Service, I mailed my handwritten entries to his house every other day where he typed and uploaded them. His hardest job was reading my handwriting.

Lady J

Wife of N508853. In addition to putting up with me, Lady J volunteered for the tedious job of reading all e-mail to me over the phone. She would then type my replies and send them allowing me to keep up correspondence with many of my readers. After I was placed in the hole, she did it all herself, in addition to keeping our family afloat while I was gone. Author's note - Lady J and I divorced in 2005, and are both happily remarried to other fine folks. Our daughters are teenagers at this point, and she and I live less than a mile away from each other. We remain as amicable as any divorced couple can be, sharing our common love for our daughters.


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