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Day 16

Saturday, Febuary 19, 2000

Well, this is interesting. Ten of us here in the Work Release Dorm decided to have a little betting pool on tomorrow's NASCAR race. Nothing like a little illegal gambling inside the jailhouse. Here's how it works: Ten of us each contribute $5.00 to the pot. We each randomly draw four numbers from a cup. The numbers correspond with a driver's starting position. Whoever holds the winning driver's number, wins the $50.00 pot. I drew 11, 25, 27, and 36. that's Jeff gordon, Terry Labonte, Steve Park, and Johnny Benson. It looks like my best chance is with Jeff Gordon. I hope he wins, If not, I guess I'll chalk that up to experience and be glad I'm saving $3.00 a day on cigarettes. (SIXTEEN days without a cigarette, by the way!!) either way, I've never given half a shit about NASCAR racing before, so at least I'll have a reason to watch with some interest tomorrow. Normally I wouldn't give a shit.

I finished that book by Robin Cook, a medical thriller called Mortal Fear. I liked it, I found it interesting that the title page was autographed, "To Jamie, Robin Cook." How it came to be in the library of our county jail is hard to imagine. I pointed it out to my bunkmate, Dave, who said it means its worth something - Roughly 50 cents at a garage sale.

After dinner, the long haired guy in the lower bunk next to mine was taken to isolation. We asked what he did and the guards said he wasn't feeling good and requested the move. I hope he's not contagious. That's the last thing I need is to be sick AND in jail. On that note, I need to get some healthy rest...

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