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Day 45

Sunday, March 19, 2000

Today went by quickly. Breakfast, go to bed. Up for lunch, back to bed, Up for dinner, back to bed. We slept until about ten when we had a workout, got one of the guards to give us the basketball scores, then we each showered and shot the shit until they let us out of our cell at midnight (we didn't go outside today due to rain). Now I'm writing this before I go back to bed. The problem is, I just covered the entire day in one paragraph.

The workout was a good thing. My arms have been so sore the past few days I could hardly bend them more than halfway. I can tell my arms are getting a little bigger. Not much, but it's a slight increase. Every little bit helps.

In absence of real content, today I'll enlighten you with some of the more common phrases heard in our cell.

"Sissy BITCH!" (G, or Rocky) Said to the guard almost everytime one leaves the cell, except for the "cool" ones.
"Ain't NONE of them motherfuckers cool." (Rocky) Rocky's response each time someone calls one of rhe guards "cool". I have named this phrase "Rule Number One", and Rocky gladly recites it any time I ask him what rule number one is.
"I'm the COLDEST" (G) G's little way of telling us how good he is at something, usually a game. Problem is he's frequently in last or next to last place when he starts talking this shit.
"KISS my ass!" (all) Another greeting for guards, usually followed by "sissy BITCH".
"Da Dunt Da DUNTS" (Rocky) What he calls boxer shorts that have shrunk and are as tight or tighter than briefs. Rocky and I seem to be the only two with this problem.
"Shake down" (all) When guards make us go outside while they go through our cell with a fine tooth comb looking for contraband (books, snack food, cards, dominos, etc).

I'm sure there are many, many more, but I can't think right now. I've suffered from a splitting headache most of the day and am going to try to sleep it off. In order to get a Tylenol or Advil or something, I'd have to get a guard to bring me a sick call request form, then fill it out, then get him to drop it in the sick call mailbox, which MIGHT be checked the next day. Then a nurse might see me in the next day or two, and I'll be charged three dollars to see her, and by then, if I even still have the headache, she may or may not give me anything for it.


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