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Day 47

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

EAT SLEEP EAT SLEEP EAT SLEEP. That's about the sum of another day in the hole. Once again, it was a beautiful day and for whatever reason, we didn't get to go outside. At least they're being consistant with letting us out at night. I'd still rather go out during the day. I never realized how much I like sunshine until I got in this hole, going without it for three straight days.

Rocky and I talked today about houses. We both plan to get one when we get out. He and his cousin are going to rent one, and my wife and I are still planning to buy one to move back to my hometown. Turns out we both have similar tastes in what we want. For one thing there's the deck.

Decks are important for grilling. You need to have a grill on a deck that is located just off the kitchen or adjacent dining room. This way you can prep the food in the kitchen and walk only a few steps out onto the deck to the grill. This also helps when grilling in the rain. It allows you to be in the kitchen working on side dishes or whatever and you're just a few steps away from checking on the grill. Then there's the most obvious, which is afternoon cookouts with friends and family, sipping a cold one while grilling burgers with my friends to the sounds of our kids running around playing nearby in the yard. Thats one of the main reasons to have a house. Soon. Very soon.

Clarence can be one of the most talkative people I've ever met. He loves to run his mouth and talk shit. He's about 6'-2", twenty one years old, medium build, hair in little braids. On his left shoulder there's a tattoo that says "Thug Nigga". He also tries to cheat at every game we play. As I write this he's talking shit and cheating playing paper football. For example, if he gets a touchdown, Rocky makes goal posts on the edge of the table with his fingers for the extra point. If Rocky scores, Clarence stands two steps back from the table making field goal posts in front of his chest, two feet back from and two feet above the surface of the table.

He cheats at cards and cheats at dominos and is the first to accuse any one else of cheating, because he himself is the only cheater.

He also lies like he can't help it and steals like he owns the world. Then if you call him on anything he'll argue and cuss like he's a bad ass, and will in the end throw you a shallow threat of either beating you up or shooting you. He's a really swell fellow. Here's HIS story ...

One day in the projects, he was throwing dice with this guy. Clarence had about $500.00, the other had $1,500.00. In a number of rolls, Clarence won the other's $1,500.00. Then they started arguing and the guy grabbed a large amount of the pile of money and took off down the block. Unable to give chase because the rest of the money was still on the ground, Clarence pulled out his 9mm pistol and opened fire. The guy jumped into a car with another guy and they started off. Clarence pumped about seven rounds into the car as it drove away, shattering the rear windshield. All this happened about 11:30 in the morning.

So Clarence put the gun back in the front of his pants and started counting his money. About that time the police came around the corner looking for the source of the shots. He stuffed the money in his sock and fled between two buildings. He got on a bicycle and took off. He evaded the police for several blocks by cutting through yards and so forth. By now, a few cars were looking for him, but he cut through the woods onto a main road. Once he crossed over the interstate, he thought he was clear. Then he noticed the helicopter flying overhead.

He looked up and saw "POLICE" on the helicopter. He rode into some coverage, out of sight of the chopper, and tossed the gun deep into the woods. Soon thereafter he was surrounded.

They took him in and booked him for selling crack, based upon the money in his sock and the large amount of crack he had. When they found the gun they added illegal possession of a firearm. Or so he says. He says alot of things. Most of them I dismiss as bullshit.

He also loves to argue. He'll argue about things he knows nothing about, like motorcycles, cooking, or even current events. That's what makes him so damn annoying. Sad thing is, unless they bring in someone else, it'll just be he and I after Rocky leaves thursday night.

Maybe I'll get some new roommates.

Then again, maybe they'll be just like Clarence.

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