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Wednesday, March 29, 2000

6:45 Breakfast. A 20 ounce Mountain Dew on the way to my in-laws to drop off my daughter. I woke up at about 5:45, showering quickly using my OWN brand of shampoo and conditioner. I dressed in casual clothing for work thanks to a March Madness theme day. I woke my oldest daughter, who was glad to see that today, for the second day in a row, Daddy was home when she got up. I dressed her and checked my e-mail with her on my lap as my wife got ready to go. I helped her get the baby ready, and the four of us went to the car.

My wife was showing extremely visible signs of fatigue, but I was alert taking in all the sights on the long car ride out to my in-laws house and back into town to where I work. I won't have my restricted driver's license until Friday, so for now I have to ride. At work, everyone was glad to see me, and I related many of the stories in this journal to them. Bushman said he was glad I was out so I could type my own damn journal entries. He's just about sick of all the typing he's had to do. I can't say that I blame him.

Other than working on typing up the final few journal entries and getting the navbar up and running properly, not to mention reading and deleting through my 274 unread e-mails, the day was just another day at the office. It's amazing to think how different life was just a couple of days earlier. Thank goodness I have this journal to remember it by. I can't say it was a good time in my life, but it's not something I'll soon forget, or SHOULD soon forget.

I found out that Mark (the paramedic from F-pod) was responsible for the news channel trying to interview me, but I stil don't know why they didn't. I may never know.

This evening I got a call from Dave, by "downstairs neighbor" from my bunk in the work release dorm. He's out on DRC, and said my internet journal rocked the very foundation of the jail. It was talked about long after I was sent to the hole, was being talked about when he left, and will probably be talked about for some time to come. Dave and I will probably get together for a beer in the near future. Unfortunately, you won't be able to read about that here.

My time in jail is over, and with the end of my sentence comes the end of my being a jailbird, therefore the end of The Jailbird Journal. I never set out to cause trouble for anyone, least of all myself and those closest to me. I never set out to cause a change in the system, or to spark a much debated first ammendment issue. I didn;t do it for awareness or for any noble cause and I certanly didn't do it for fortune or fame. Yet most of things came to pass. So why the hell did I do it?

Because I could. Because I had plenty of time and I like to build web pages and I like to let the world know what's up with me. Whether or not anyone reads is irrelevant. The fact that people like you did read, though, made it all worthwhile. Some sent e-mail, for some others, their presence was only known by another tick of the counter. Either way, I knew someone was reading, and that made it worth while.

Whether or not you got anything out of this journal, I hope you liked it and I appreciate you reading it. Now I can get back to my life as I know it.

Thanks again for stopping by.


"Inmate #N508853"

The End

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