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Hi! I'm Inmate #N508853. Welcome to my online journal. Allow my to tell you a little bit about myself. I do have a real name, but since the state didn't feel it was important, neither will I. Besides, there are some people I know that have computers, and I don't want them to stumble upon this page, because it will be completely honest. I don't have any plans to change any names other than my own, but I guess it kinda depends on what goes in in the jail.

I am 26 years old, and will be nearly 27 when I get out. I am married and have two daughters. I work a full time job in the computer industry and have a nice little cubicle with a nice little computer and nice little pictures of my kids. I'm not what I always stereotyped as a criminal, or someone that would be spending 55 days in jail on a class-A misdemeanor. I grew up in a midsized city with a major state university. They also have a rather popular college football team.

After graduating high school, I went to that University. I attended from the fall of 1991 to the spring of 1994, when it dawned on me that I still wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, so instead of spending more money and time going to college with no direction, I quit school, used the skills I had gained so far and went to work. That sucked so I packed my things and moved to the woods to be a whitewater raft guide. That was a lot of fun, and I got in the best physical shape of my life.

I enjoyed that freedom, but with a price. While partying a little too hard one night, I decided to drive down the dark deserted highway back to where I was staying at the time. I had been drinking quite a bit that night, but kept the car straight, and didn't see any cars on the road the whole way. Unfortunately, that's not to say nobody saw me. I sped past an officer who probably wouldn't have given me a second glance If I hadn't been the only car on the road, and going 10 miles over the posted speed limit, he pulled me over.

He asked me if I had been drinking, which I admitted I had, knowing he could smell it on me. He asked me out of the car, I failed the one-legged counting test, then the bright light in the eyes test, and them the breathalizer. I went to jail.

Some friends posted bail and I went before the judge in this backwoods little county court. I had no attourney, and plead guilty to DUI first offense. I was sentenced to 48 hours in jail, of which they counted off the time I spent that night. I paid a fine, went to an alcohol education class, and was done with it.

With that on my record, I continued on with life, going back to the city, taking a few classes in computers at a local technical college, and learned to design web pages on the side. I got a good job, got married, and my wife and I had a beautuful baby girl in the fall of 1997. Life was good. I got promoted several times, and switched companies twice, always moving upward in position and pay with each step of the way. Last year my wife got pregnent again, and was just a few weeks pregnant when I was arrested. Now the baby is less than a month old, my firstborn is every bit of two years old, my wife is trying to take care of them both, and I'm in jail.

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