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Day 12

Tuesday, Febuary 15, 2000

Well, a co-worker named Lee was going to pick me up for work this morning, so I left at 7:30 and started walking. I told him if he wasn't there when I got out at 7;30, I'd just start walking down the road and would stop when I reached the red light at the end of the road. I made it to that intersection in seven minutes. I sat on a newspaper on a bus stop bench, when I realized all the frost on the bench. I got up and sat on a newspaper on the bench. Much better, but still frigid. Fourty-five minutes later, he arrived. My poor frozen ass. It seems he had been pulled over for speeding, and came to find out his tags were expired as well.

I feel sorry for his bad luck, but I know he probably would have gotten caught for speeding whether or not he was coming to get me. Tomorrow, however, I'm meeting him at the Waffle House. I told him I'd be the guy with my face, a cup of coffee, and hashbrowns scattered, smothered, and covered. Mmmmm. Normally, I'd get a bowl of grits, but recent jail breakfasts have pretty much ruined the grit thing for me.

Today was commissary day, when everyone gets the random stuff they ordered. It's like a weekly Christmas. Dave, who bunks beneath me, got a new toothbrush and some Colgate, as well as a chess set and some random junk food. We'll probably play a game of chess later on or over the weekend. The guy in the bunk next to me got some sodas, , candy, a notepad, and envelopes. Some got items like a walkman, dominoes, or plastic soap dishes. Almost everyone who ordered anything got some form of junk food.

I decided I needed some commissary items myself, even though I don't have any commissary money in my commissary account. So, as I entered tonight, I pulled a sneaky. I walked in and had my clothes in my right hand, and in my left I had a blank legal pad, a paperback Javascript book, and a novel I got from the jail library. I sat them all down on the counter. The guard made me drop my shorts, put them back on, he shook out my clothes, thumbed through the pages of the books, and told me to go on. I had succeeded in doing what some of my dormmates dreamed about. As I entered the dorm area, the guard there asked if the previous guard had allowed me to bring this stuff in. "Yes, Sir," I responded, and that was that.

So tonight, I write my journal on a NEW legal pad with my pen I snuck in last week. Damn, I'm living on the EDGE!!!

I also used the Javascript book to add a few nifties to this page, such as the alert box you see when you first come to the page. I've got a couple of other tricks I'm working on, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll let you know when I add something in case you miss it.

I also went to an AA meeting in jail tonight, which I'm supposed to do anyway as a requirement of my sentence, but it wasn't something I dreaded. Based on what I heard tonight, I'm no alcoholic, but I'm keeping an open mind - there's always room for improvement. Even if I'm NOT an alcoholic, a program that has helped so many can't be bad. I'll keep you posted.

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