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Day 13

Wednesday, Febuary 16, 2000

Today was an interesting day at the office. In addition to the usual "Prison Bitch" jokes from my co-workers, A couple of my louder co-workers were saying things about me getting picked up from JAIL, dropped off at JAIL, and the kinds of food they serve in JAIL. I really don't want everyone in the whole friggin' building to know I'm in Jail when I'm not at work. I COULD lose my job, even though my immediate boss doesn't care, higherups within the company might not think so highly about one of their employees being on a work release program. I know they only mean to be funny, but I really started to get pissed off at one of my better friends in the department because I'll be talking about the experience rather quietly, and he'll say in a loud tone, "So you're wife picks you up right in front of the jail?" or, "Who's driving to the JAIL to pick you up in the morning?" Cubicle walls are only so high, and they sure as hell aren't sound proof.

Looks like my wife is going to have to be my shuttle on Thursdays and Fridays. It's that or a cab, and the cab idea won't work for money reasons. I need to find a way to pay off the near thousand dollars worth of court costs and fines, as well as get some money for the down payment on the house we're trying to buy. If anyone wants to buy a 1989 Honda Accord or a 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix, let me know via E-mail.

Dave and I played a game of chess tonight. I lost pretty miserably. I hadn't played in years, though. I need to play more, I love the game. I need practice.

This morning, I waited on Lee to pick me up at Waffle House, inside where it was warm. I started my day with my hashbrowns, scattered, smothered, and covered. I haven't had grease in a while, and I felt the difference. With that in mind, you would think I would have had known better then to have Taco Bell for dinner. I just wanted freedom food, no matter how greasy. I guess the meal was appropriate to the later events of the evening, for at around 10:00, much to the dismay of those nearby at the time, I "Dropped the Chalupa," so to speak.

Here's a site Dave shared with me today, it's P.X. Direct, a company spacializing in jail stuff. You can check out the kind of cell we stay in, the cuffs they had on us, and most impressively, the orange jumpsuit! You may even be tempted to order one for yourself!

Don't take my word for it, CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!!

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