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Day 29

Friday, March 3, 2000

In the night around 3:00 AM, someone woke me up and told me to roll over on my side. My snoring was keeping the entire dorm awake. Typical.

There's a guy in here who has been begging daily for medical assistance for his eyesight. He said he has a doctor's note showing that he was supposed to report for surgery over a week ago, but the guards won't let him see the nurse. This morning he fussed until the guard agreed to let him talk to her superior. This guard is nice, by the way. I watched as they walked him out of the dorm and to the Leutenant. I could not hear the exchange, but I saw the result. He told the Lt. his condition and that he desperatly needed to see a doctor. She locked him in the hole. That was an hour ago. He's still there. There seems to be a pattern to this medical treatment.

Another inmate was just talking to me about this. He's in his 40's and is in here because he was in a fight. Seems at the end of the fight, he got hit in the back of the head with a 2x4. He fell and was easy to arrest. The doctors told the jail personnel he had to be kept under "observation", which is common for patients with head trauma. The jail's idea for observation? You guessed it. They put him in the hole. For TWO DAYS. Another inmate pointed out to me the sick request sheet. This is a form you have to fill out, drop in a box that is supposed to be checked daily. Then the form will be processed and forwarded to the medical staff, who will come to you. There is no time frame for this process.

Here's what it says at the top:

Prison Health Services
Sick Call Request
NOTE: A fee of three ($3.00) will be assessed and charged to the inmate for the certain health services determined to be chargeable. At no time will any inmate be denied medical services of any kind because of his inability to pay for those services.

Well, isn't that nice of them.

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