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Day 34

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Not a hell of a lot to say about today. I stayed in bed all day. I got up for meals, to go to the bathroom, and for our nightly prayer circle. Otherwise I stayed in bed. I don't reallyy understand why we had to be locked down today, but I've learned it's pointless to argue. I was hell bent on finishing the Robin Cook novel I've been reading. Acceptable Risk. I did finish it, and it's a great book. That's two of his books I've read since I've been in here, and I like his style. I liked the movie version of Outbreak which starred Dustin Hoffman.

Mark and I talked a lot today. He's considering moving to my hometown when he gets out of here. His wife is OK to the idea, but right now, an idea is all it is. They're considering it because of its cost of living, its close proximity to this city (about 200 miles), and for its number of hospitals. Mark is looking to change jobs from paramedic to something in hospital administration, which would use his Masters in Public Health.

The only problem I can forsee for him is his allegiance to his alma mater's football team. As I mentioned before, the university in my home town is a rival of his school's. Not a big deal, but if he gets annoyed with their fans that live in this city, then he'll HATE it back home.

Mail call came tonight, and I was surprised to hear my name. Unlike with all other inmates, when the guard called my name, he made eye contact with me and waved the mail in my direction. It seems all guards know exactly who I am. I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

I got my mail from him and it was the decision on the four charges brought against me for the Jailbird Journal. Keep in mind, the charges were for Gambling, Being Out of Place, Breaking a Work Release Rule, and Disrespecting a Guard. If you recall, my take on it was that the work release rule and out of place one are both the same thing, me being at Waffle House. Since I caught my ride to work there, I felt that I should be 'Not Guilty' for those. The gambling charge would have never come to light if they hadn't searched my locker and read my journal, front to back. Although I don't agree with their methods, they got me on that one. Then there's disrespect. That's the one that started it all, and the most serious of all. Tis is the one they tried to bring formal charges against me fo r, but were unable. I KNEW I'd get screwed for this one, although ALL my comments in question were quotes from other inmates.

Well, here's the results: For being Out of Place - GUILTY. For breaking a Work Release Rule - GUILTY. For Gambling - GUILTY. For disrespecting an officer - NOT GUILTY.

That last one surprised me to no end, but the fact I was guilty of two different charges that are in essence the EXACT SAME THING still pisses me off. In a small box below the judgement marked "Punishment", It simply stated, "20 days L/D". I'm not entirely sure what this means. If I'm right, it means they're locking me down for twenty days. So, just as I had to stay on my bunk with no phone, no TV. NOTHING for the entire day, save for meals and the bathroom, that's what I have to look forward to for the remainder of the time I'm here.

The OTHER possible translation of the verdict is that they're trying to ADD twenty days to my sentence. That CAN'T be right, because if they think a $5 bet and a plate of hashbrowns is worth twenty days in jail, they're smoking crack. (Which, by the way, I've learned a lot about in here.)

At least I can read and write in my bunk.

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