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Day 7

Thursday, Febuary 10, 2000

Let me begin today by saying it's a bitch trying to chronicle 27+ pages of daily events with a pencil you have to sharpen with your fingernails. All I did today was try and catch up on these entries so I can typena d post them Monday. I'll probably have to do two or three a day, one current and one or two archive, until I get them all loaded.

Breakfast, you guessed it, sucked. I almost missed it because I was up so late writing last night.I called home several times today. My wife read my e-mail to me and I told her what to type in response so noone will know I'm in JAIL! I feel bad lying to them, but it's all I can do to keep them from knowing where I am and why I'm here. It will be kind of neat to see if I can pull off being incarcerated for two months without anyone noticing. We'll see how long it works.

The e-mails were from my dad and a friend back home. My wife responded to both of them that I was working odd hours and all was well. to my dad she pretended to be me. To my friend she told him I was out of town on business until Monday. What a tangled web we weave...

She also told me we got a big Fed-Ex box of real estate information from a realitor in my hometown. As I mentioned before, I have every intention of moving back after this whole ordeal is over. She found a few houses she liked, in the $100,000.00 - $110,000.00 range. A little too much, but affordable, if I get the right job. We talked houses for a litle while and hung up. I can only talk to her 15 minutes at a time, and its ALWAYS a collect call. The phone bill will suck this month, but my cell phone will hit an alltime low!

Otherwise, I wrote journal entries all day. No shit. All day. I went outside for recreation time and walked laps for an hour. I tried to measure the distance around the double basketball court. The area is 20 paces by 75 paces. With my stride that's roughly 70 feet by 262.5 feet. SO one lap is 665 feet. Wow. Now if I knew how many feet were in a mile, I'd be in business.

This pencil is shot, so maybe I'll be able to steal a pen in the morning. Until then...

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