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The Jailbird Journal was removed due to an investigation into its origin. In an unusual turn of events, the guards and administration of the jail found my journal and did not like its content. I have been punished for that reason.

First, they took me out of the work release program, costing me my job and the well being of my wife and children. I was moved to a different cell dorm away from work release inmates, and have now been sentenced to spend the remainder of my time in "the hole".

The charges brought against me are obviously made up. Their motive to me is clear. They don't want people like you to know what goes on inside these walls. They thought their only way to stop me was to cut me off from all contact with the outside world. To do this, they had to write me up for something. Using my words against me, they sought to bring four charges against me. I was found guilty of three and am contesting them.

Whether or not I win my appeal, I continue to baffle them by maintaining this journal. For obvious reasons, I cant say how, but if some inmates can get drugs IN here, surely I can get words OUT. Because of the administrations fear of me and what I can do, I have been shipped to the detention facility across town where the worst of the worst are kept. Before he sent me to the hole, the administrator looked at me and said, "You should have thought about this before you started playing games."

I didn't start this journal to play any games, but now that we're playing, I'm determined to win.

Thanks for reading and your continued support.

Inmate #N508853

"The pen is truly mightier than the sword, but the keyboard is like weilding a large cannon."

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