Day 52

Sunday, March 26, 2000

Opie is in a living hell. Clarence has become such a bully its all I can do to not intervene. All day long Clarence has been picking on Opie in some fashion, getting worse as he goes along. It started with verbal abuse and lots of it. Then he was backing Opie into a corner, daring him to push his way out.

Opie would try go get out of the corner, but the weight ratio wasn't in his favor. Clarence kept putting him in the corner. When Opie was to the point of tears, Clarence would let him get up on his bunk, making fun of him for crying and calling him a sissy bitch. As soon as Opie was safely back in his bunk, Clarence grabbed his ankle and tried to drag him from the bed. Considering that Opie had a top bunk, he could have hit his head. I had to do something.

I walked over to him and told Clarence to lay off him. Naturally he didn't want to, but just started talking shit to me. He left Opie alone, but not for long. A while later he had Opie ina head lock, picked him up and put him down on the table. He started telling Opie to get out of the situation, saying that if he has to do the 18 months, this is how they'll hold him when one of them is raping him. Opie was pleading for him to let go, yet Clarence was relentless, laughing and squeezing harder. Opie's neck was bent over the edge of the table, with Clarence's weight pressing down, choking him.

"Hey, let him go man."

Clarence continues to laugh, asking opie if he liked taking it in the ass.

"Clarence! Let him GO!"

"C'Mon Opie, Squeal like a mother fuckin' pig!! You sissy bitch! You're going to have to fight harder than that," Clarence wasn't giving up. Opie began to cry, and started to gasp for air. Maurice joind me in my plea to get Clarence to let him go.

"I SAID let him GO!"

Opie looked up at me, tears streaming down his face. His mouth couldn't make a sound, but his eyes begged for help. Without another word or even a conscious thought, I was on top on Clarence. I was as surprised as he was when his head slammed against the metal cell door with my hands firmly around his throat.

"I said leave him ALONE!!" I yelled, two inches from his face.

Clarence had fear in his eyes for a moment, then he remembered his image, or something just as stupid. I got off him, expecting him to spring on me. No agression came. Just another onslaught of his mouth. I'm sick of his shit anyway. He yelled and cussed and said he would kick my ass and all kinds of shit. Big Billy Bad Ass was running his mouth, but Opie was no longer involved. Maurice stood off to the side. Although they come from the same area, I could tell Maurice sided with me in this situation. Clarence was WAY out of line for this, and showed once and for all that he's no kind of man.

Then the guard opened the door. He saw Opie crying, and with tears running down his fire-engine red cheeks, he told what Clarence had done. Clarence was taken from our cell. Later another inmate named Adrian was put in his place. Clarence was gone.

It was already late, so after everyone calmed down, we sat at the table to play spades. Opie had never known how to play, so Maurice and I offered to teach him. He didn't catch on, but that wasn't the point. He felt accepted. He felt like a part of the group, even if it is a shity group to be a part of. He had a better aptitude for paper football, so he and I played several games before we killed the light and called it a night.

He never said thank you, but he didn't have to. His eyes spoke for him.

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