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Day 14

Thursday, Febuary 17, 2000

Today was as non-descript as any day I've had so far, so I'm stretching to say anything about the day. Here goes...

I got out at the usual 7:30 this morning, and my wife came to pick me up. She drove me to work, and she was in a less than stellar mood. It makes me feel like shit to see all the extra crap my situation is putting her through. After getting very little sleep at night due to having a six week old, she gets up extra early, gets a newborn and a two year old ready as well as herself, and drives about 40 minutes out into the country to her parents house, where she drops off oir kids with her mother. After driving BACK to the area where we live (another 40 min), she takes a right and drives roughly 30 minutes to the jail where she collects me. From there we drive 20 minutes to where I work, then another 30 minutes across town to where she works. That's over two and a half hours of driving. She must love me, or I'd already be a dead man.

Anyway, as I said, she felt pretty bad this morning, and I felt bad because of it. I hate to see her have it so rough partly because it's because of me that she has to go through this, and partly because there's nothing I can do to help her. I hope to make it up to her soon enough. If thinks work out, I'll be landing that job in my hometown, allowing us to buy the kind of house we've always wanted. the money I would be making would pay all our bills so she won't have to go back to work. It will be a second shift job, giving me the daytime flexibility to go to school to finish my computer science degree, help her with the family errands, as well as drum up new web design business to make extra money on the side. My wife wants to be able to stay home with our kids instead of going back to work, so if I can pull this off, it will be great.

At work I got busy in some old projects that came back to haunt me, and I hardly had any time to dedicate to this journal. It's a pain trying to maintain a site updated daily when you only have computer access five days a week and are supposed to be doing something else during that time. Basically I work on this on my lunch break and between busy times off and on through out the day.

My wife took me back and I was sad to see her go. I miss her terribly, but there's not shit I can do about that, now is there? Although I have absolutely nothing to do at night in jail, I've been staying up until about ten or so anyway, reading a book or writing journal entries on a legal pad to copy onto the site the next day. Sometimes I play chess or cards or something. There's a TV in our community room, but it's always turned on the UPN channel with shows I either know nothing about, or don't care anything about.

Getting up at 4:00 AM everyday has taken its toll on me, so I quickly went to sleep. Actually I dozed off while writing my journal in my bunk. I slipped the pad and pen under my mattress and went to sleep. I'm glad I did, because it was my night to clean the bathrooms, and since nobody bothered to wake me up to do it, I slept through the whole ordeal. Teehehehehehe.

A rather uneventful night. Tomorrow will undoubtedly hold more. There's seldom a dull moment for long around here..

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