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Day 20

Wednesday, Febuary 23, 2000

I woke up this morning to one of my fellow inmates shaking my leg into consciousness. George is one of the guys that leaves the same time I do in the morning, so we hang out together from 4 AM until about 7:15 when he leaves for work. The light shocked my eyes as I began to wake.

"Hey! Hey man! Do you work today?" George asked. With a stretch and a yawn I affirmmed that I did. "Well, you better get on it! it's 6:20 and we're ready to go!"

I jumped from my bunk and and quickly dressed, hauling ass out the door. The others had already left the magnetic confines of our dorm and were lining up in the hall. I made it, but barely. I was still trying to wake up completely, and in my rush to get out of there I didn't have time to go to the bathroom, although I did think about it.

Once outside, I had time to think. I tried to figure out how I could've slept completely through breakfast and not wake up when they kicked on the bright-assed lights located right above my bed. The answer is pretty simple. I kept my eyes closed and didn't wake up.

Lee was early picking me up this morning, and I didn't get a chance to finish my Waffle House breakfast, which I was enjoying since I had slept through jail breakfast. At work I got several e-mails to my jailbird e-mail account. I'm loving all the responses I'm getting. A couple of you are asking about my other journal, to which I'll copy part of a response I sent to one of my readers:

"I'm not really worried about my friends and family finding the site, because most aren't into computers, and those that are wouldn't know how to define online journal, let alone find one on the internet. Let alone find the Jailbird Journal. Let alone find out its Me. If they do, I'll deal with it, but the odds are definately stacked against it.

In the end, I may outright say what it is. I can't keep up both sites forever, and once jail is through for me, I'll probably go back to the other one. If people are still reading on a regular basis, I'll more than likely go ahead and name and link the other journal. I just wouldn't link the OTHER one to the Jailbird Journal. People who know I'm in jail might as well know who I am. People who know who I am don't need to know I'm in jail. :)"

That should clarify a couple of things. In the meantime, I'm enjoying people trying to figure out what my other journal is. It's kind of like a contest, I guess, but without prizes. If you're one of the ones trying to figure out my identity, e-mail me when you figure it out. Maybe I'll snag a big orange jumpsuit for the lucky winner or some other goofy-assed jail prize. This, of course, doesn't apply to the ONE journaller out there who knows the answer, and has known since before this journal was created. You know who you are, and I doubt you'd want any jail prize anyway.

Well, I finally got a hold of my old boss back home who was in charge of the stage crew stuff. He said he'd LOVE for me to join the fun on the KISS show on the 30th of April. Things look a little better because I discovered the concert in THIS town is 28th, not the 29th, so in theory, I could go to the one here, then work the one in my hometown on the 30th. The only problem is getting to the concert on the 28th. I'll be living 200 miles away at that point, and won't have a valid driver's license. Hmmm. maybe I'll forget that one all together. We'll see

In other news, I heard some different stories from various inmates about that DRC thing. Things are still sketchy at this point, but it looks like I'm going to be keeping all of you company a while longer with this Jailbird Journal. Some said they won't even see me until the second tuesday of the month, which would be March 14th, leaving me with only 14 days remaining. Someone else said if you have less than 30 days at the time of the interview date, they figure you're close enough and make you stay, while they release someone that was sent in for a longer sentence. Someone said they're going to let out everyone that isn't there for child support. Someone said they're ONLY letting out those in for child support. In other words, Nobody knows a DAMN thing, so why bother? I'm not counting on anything at the moment, but keeping my hopes up.

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