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Day 23

Friday, Febuary 26, 2000

I fell asleep early last night and slept until nearly 9:00 this morning. Waking up at 4:00 AM has taken its toll on me. At least I had a good dream.

I dreamed I was outside in the warm sunshine with my wife. We were in a small town of sorts, near a river and some woods. We parked the car in a public parking lot and went into some kind of fun house sort of thing. There was a room with a hidden door, which I quickly found, that led into another large room with a staircase that went up but got smatter and smaller the higher up you got, like an optical illusion. I followed the stairs up and found a trap door off to one side of the staircase as you got near the top. It went down into the next room where there were a bunch of other young people, about our age or a little younger, who were sitting on couches and hanging out. Some were smoking cigarettes, one was playing guitar. Having not played since I've been in jail, I pulled my guitar out from behing one of the couches and began to play with him. After we jammed for a while, he lit a cigarette and offered one to me. I took the Marlboro Light and lit it.

After playing a while, I had smoked about half the cigarette when I realized I didn't smoke anymore. I quickly glanced around toi my wife. She was talking to someone else and hadn't seen me smoking.I put out the other half, and not wanting to throw it on the floor, I tucked it in my pocket. Sometime later I finished playing guitar so I put it back in its case and took it out to the car. Once outside, I took out the other half of the Marlboro Light and smoked it.

Messed up dreams. I've had strange dreams since I got in here. None have been as smoke specific, however.

We had recreation today and on that double basketball court was Hall. At least I know he's not dead. Seems his blood preassure shot sky high after the guards left him locked up in the hole and forgot about him until after the shift change. Second shift came in and asked him what he had done. When he told them he was waiting to see the doctor because he had a heart condition, they rushed him to the hospital where he stayed for three days. After that he was released and sent back to the CJC (Criminal Justice Center) where I started off, and he had to stay there, be reclassified, and sent BACK to the CWC (Corectional Work Center) where he was finally placed back in the Work Release Program and put in the other work release dorm, located next to ours. He's fine now. A little pissed that his stuff got trashed, but OK. Since he's in the other dorm, I never see him save for this meeting on the basketball court, so I can't very well return his shampoo and conditioner. OK, I didn't tell him I have it. I'm a shit, I know it, and I feel bad, but if I can't give it bak to him, and the rest of his stuff was tossed out, I'd rather let him think his shampoo and stuff was tossed out with the rest.

As usual, I had my wife check my e-mail for me. Nothing important on my main accounts, so I had her check my account. Sure enough I had a few, One in particular caught my attention. One of my more persistent readers, Paulinee, worked VERY hard to try and find out who I am and what my other journal is. She e-mailed me to say she believes she has discovered my true identity and she says that she is 100% certain she is correct.

Yes, this is her FINAL ANSWER.


(As Regis Philbin would pause)


(the heartbeat music goes, bom BOMP!



I'm surprised at all the trouble she went through to figure it out. She tried several logical avenues in vain before concentrating her search in ONE area, and it paid off. Congratulations! Now I have to steal one of those orange jumpsuits for her. Just Kidding!! Maybe I could send her my Inmate's handbook. Yes, That's it! An autographed Sherriff's Department County Inmate Handbook. I'll even sign it,"Stay out of trouble, N508853". Now let's see who cames in second! I've got plenty of cool jail stuff to give away. Maybe second gets a piece of mystery sausage. I know it can't spoil. It's got to be made from some space-age polymer designed for optimum performance and maximum durablilty or some shit.

Tonight, Dave got into a deep discussion with a few of the other inmates over his drinking. They were preaching Alcoholics Anonymous and Dave was preaching Alcoholism. He's quite content with his drinking. No matter what they said to him, he calmly came back with something to support his pro-alcohol argument. Eventually they got frustrated and started saying stupid stuff just to try to piss him off. He never flinched, and laughed to himself at their attempts to unnerve him.

Around 11:00, it started raining. It beat against the windows next to my bunk, and made it easy for me to fall asleep.

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