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Day 42

Thursday, March 16, 2000

Well, it's about seven p.m. and the five of us have been discussing sports. Notice I DID say the FIVE of us. Stacy is still here. The guards won't tell him anything; they just keep slamming the door in his face. Somebody dropped the ball somewhere, and nobody seems to want to do anything to correct it. Meanwhile, it's been thirty four hours since the judge declaired Stacy a free man and he's still right here, locked up in the hole.

One guard went so far as to say that they must not have received his release papers yet. That HAS to be bullshit. Stacy thinks his paperwork came back with him. Unfortunately, once he got back, he handed all his paperwork to Officer Keller (the one who never speaks and acts like he can't hear us), so God only knows what happened. I suspect the dipshit lost it. He won't give any explanation other than a slam of the door.

Jim got a paper yesterday in response to a greivance form he submitted about a week and a half ago. The response states that we ARE supposed to get an hour outside the cell EACH DAY, and that if first shift can't let us out for whatever reason, whether it be ewather or construction, then third shift has to let us out around midnight to either go outside, or in the main commons area on the first floor. It also states that we are supposed to get to make one phone call when we get put in the hole. So far, I haven't been allowed to make my phone call, and neither did Rocky or G.

We didn't get to go outside today because it was raining, so we'll see tonight if we actually get our - - this pen sucks! - - midnight rec time. Also, tomorrow morning is when we meet with our case manager, who hopefully will let me use the phone to call my wife. At least I'll get to grab a few dozen grievance forms to complain about all this crap, although I'm quite sure nothing will come of it.

I also want to know what happened to my appeal. I watched as the guard dropped it in the case manager drop box on the wall, so I want to ask the case manager where it went.

Stacy is going to use the opportunity to call his lawyer and let him know that he's STILL locked up. That will be an hour shy of two full days since his court appearance when the judge told him he was free to go.

We got our commissary sheets today. Although we're limited to what we can get, I may get some stuff anyway. I'm almost out of shampoo, and G keeps wanting to borrow what little I have. Last night I let him and although I have three times as much hair as he does, he used three times as much shampoo. If I ration it out right, I MIGHT have enough to last until I get out of here, but not if I continue to let him use it all.

During my afternoon nap, I had a dream about my oldest daughter. I dreamed that we were playing in a field full of people, like a popular park on a sunny afternoon. Her big smile sticks in my mind most of all. Unlike alot of dreams I've had recently, there was no sad ending. The only sad part was when I woke up knowing it was only a dream. I quickly closed my eyes trying to get back to my dream. Of course, it didn't work, but just remembering how happy I was in that dream allowed me to smile, if even just for a while...

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