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Day 53

Monday, March 27, 2000

Breakfast came at a little after five this morning, and we don't know why. The good thing about it is that since it came late, it came fresh. Since it came fresh, it came hot. It may have been as shitty as ever, but at least it was HOT and shitty.

As if it were an old friend coming to bid farewell, up from my tray smiled that nasty piece of assorted-meat-product mystery sausage. I gave it to Maurice. The grits I ate, since they were hot enough to be edible. The rest I gave away. Except, of course, the Milk. Then I went back to sleep.

At lunch I gave away my tray again, and ate only the salad off the dinner tray. I slept in between. After dinner I slept until about 8:00. I was trying to sleep as much of the day away as possible, but then I was full-up on sleep and my body simply wanted to be up and about. That would have been fine with me, but my mind, needing something to do while my body was up wandering the cell, kept drifting to thoughts of my upcoming release. These last few hours were easily the hardest time I did from the get go. It was as if time were standing still. I knew I couldn't do anything to make the time go by faster, and I tried not to wait on it, but that proved to be impossible. I simply could not keep my mind off how soon I got released.

So I got up and worked out with the water bag, did some pushups and situps, took a shower and packed my stuff up. I finished sorting through the things in my bus tub separating stuff into two stacks. My notepads, letters, and important papers I placed on top of the bustub, along with my clothing I planned to take with me into the outside world. Inside the bustub were the sheets, towels, and other shit the jail required me to return to them when I leave. I gave away my shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap and other stuff to the inmates. I dressed in my orange jumpsuit. Remembering that they had asked for Rocky's pink propery reciept slip, I got mine out and placed it in my breast pocket ready to be given at a moment's notice. I was as ready to go as I could possible be.

So I sat there.


And sat there.


And about a minute had gone by.

I knew I was going to go insane in my last evening. Finally 10:00 came and they locked down general population. About 11:00 shift change came, and they had the evening count. Then it was midnight.

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